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Welcome to your internet family web album!

  Brasfield or Brassfield?  Did you ever wonder where our ancestors were born, where they traveled to, where they lived, what they did, and where they came to rest? This volunteer, non-commercial site is in remembrance of the thousands of men and women from at least the 1400's who have shared the surname of Brasfield or Brassfield (and along the way - Brasfeild, Brasfielde, Brasfeilde, Brazfield, etc.).

   Be sure to look over the Histories pages for a detailed overview of the source of the family.

  We also visit more than a few Marquiss, Donaldson, Hollingsworth, Clements, Standridge, Cagle and various other kin from Aarnt through Zubrod, a total of over 4,000 surnames covering 21 generations.

  The family tree contains over 24,000 marriages. In fact, the web site now contains nearly 50,000 individuals in 12,000 families - but still only about 92% of the known Brasfield ~ Brassfield (pre-1950) family.

  This number includes over 10,000 identified and named Brasfield / Brassfield / Brasfeild / Brasfielde

/ Brasfeilde / Brazfield individuals.

  The long term goal of this site is to provide a central starting point to access the numerous sources of information available to those interested in looking at their portion of the family tree. It is intended to be more of a global "family album" with anecdotes, pictures and historical information, rather than a repository of data.


  All of our "family" owes a great debt of gratitude to the wonderful work done by Annabelle Cox McAllister and Edward Nevill McAllister entitled "Brasfield - Brassfield Genealogies" which was published in 1959.  There were only 400 copies of the book printed.  This site now contains all of the Brasfield & Brassfield individuals

identified in the book plus thousands of additional family names from volunteers and other research since then.

  The web site tries to show as accurately as possible the actual spelling of either Brasfield, Brassfield, Brasfeild, Brazfield,  Brasfielde, Brasfeilde, or Brasfield-Thorpe. There are still a number of corrections to be made, so please be patient.  When in doubt, try all of the possible variations.

  Twin brothers, fathers, and sons, all in immediate families, used different spellings - compounded by the difficulty some church, census and governmental representatives had with understanding how the name was spelled at any given time.

  This site is an ongoing volunteer effort - done in spare moments.  Since there are already dozens of relevant internet sites that serve as useful tools to research the Brasfield / Brassfield surname, as well as related counties and states - they won't be duplicated here, only linked for quick access.

  This effort will continue to grow with your electronic contribution of photos, stories, family bible information and memorabilia.